Who is G Marquis?

G. Marquis is the alter ego in all of us. It’s the uninhibited inner voice hidden deep inside. The fearless person facing a world full of expectations and obligations. It’s trusting in yourself and finding a way to succeed no matter the odds.

G. Marquis is never doubting your failures, believing in your convictions and always carving your own path by remembering where you came from. It’s about taking a stand and making sure you’re heard, challenging the establishment and never allowing to be restrained. G. Marquis is honest and complex. Raw yet civilized. Edgy but with natural elegance and good taste.

Who Is G Marquis

The Vineyard

The G. Marquis story begins in our vineyards in the heart of the prestigious and historic Niagara-on-the-Lake region. G. Marquis is rooted in a terroir that brings out the very best of the selected grapes we grow. Bordered by Lake Ontario, the fertile soil warms quickly in the day during hot, short summers and cools rapidly on clear nights imparting a unique flavour to all G. Marquis wines: Elegant in style, sophisticated in taste and unrestrained in character.